With a patient-centered focus, Kerlan-Jobe Surgery Center strives to make the billing and insurance process as simple and straightforward as possible.

We understand that navigating health insurance matters can often be complex or challenging. That is why we are here to provide the insight and direction you need, helping you feel confident about each step.


Maintaining relationships with several insurance companies, we make sure to protect our patients and make sure they are treated appropriately and fairly.

When you come to our Los Angeles surgical center for treatment, we carefully explain your financial responsibilities ahead of time and provide answers to any questions you may have.









Our staff will bill your primary and secondary insurance carriers (or governmental agency) directly on your behalf.

We request that you bring your most current insurance or similar card with you on the day of your surgery. Bring all pertinent insurance information, including secondary insurance carrier information, as well as a photo ID for validation.

Kerlan-Jobe Surgery Center charges a facility fee for each surgical procedure performed by your surgeon. This fee includes the cost of:

  • Pre-operative evaluation
  • Nursing personnel
  • Routine medications
  • Surgical supplies (implants may be billed separately)
  • Use of the operating and recovery rooms

Items not covered by your insurance, if the Center’s contract with your insurance provider allows, may require payment prior to surgery. You will receive a text, phone call and/or email message with your expected payment due based on your insurance plan. Where possible, we will do our best to reach you one to two weeks prior to your surgery to let you know your estimated financial responsibility. In many cases surgery is unplanned and little time is available between when your surgeon schedules your case and the surgery center is made aware of your surgery date.

You will receive a separate bill from your surgeon and anesthesiologist. Other professional services such as laboratory, radiology, pathology, EKG or chest x-rays will also be billed separately.

Kerlan-Jobe Surgery Center accepts most insurance, HMO/PPO plans, Medicare, and Worker’s Compensation.

Most day surgery procedures are covered by insurance, however, if your insurance requires the clinic and surgery center to preauthorize your surgery, it may take longer and your surgery will have to be rescheduled. Once insurance coverage has been verified, patients are expected to pay any deductible and co-pays before the day of surgery. As a courtesy to you, we will bill your insurance company for their portion of the cost of your care, however, any balance due will be your responsibility. Some insurance companies make payment directly to the patient, in which case we request your prompt payment to us. Payment will be requested from you if reimbursement from your insurance company is not received within 60 days.

Please check with your insurance company for pre-admission or pre-authorization requirements such as second opinions and/or pre-admission certification. Your insurance company may decide not to pay for your surgery if their requirements are not met. Checking with them prior to your surgery will assist you and the Surgery Center during your admitting process.

Uninsured and/or self pay patients will be required to pay for services in full at least five (5) business days in advance if by check or three (3) days in advance if paying by credit card or cash. We accept all major credit cards and for your convenience you may pay online through our secure payment portal.

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